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12 Easy Christmas Crafts

by Mac McAdams

In keeping with the 12 days of Christmas, here are 12 easy Christmas crafts that your children can create

  1. Downloadable pictures to color. You don't need a coloring book. Download a Christmas picture and print it, then have your children color it. For added fun let them add their own special touches with glitter, glitter glue, and sequins.
  2. Christmas cards. With some colored construction paper, some washable markers and some glitter, your children can craft some beautiful cards with their very own Christmas trees, ornaments, reindeer and snow.
  3. Construction paper garland. With some red, green and white construction paper cut into thin strips, your children can form loops and link these loops to make a chain of garland for your tree.
  4. Animal cutout ornaments. Have your children draw their favorite animals, color them and then cut a hole and hang them on your tree.
  5. Pony bead bracelets. Pick up some red and green pony beads and plastic lacing and let your children make Christmas bracelets.
  6. Cutout snowflakes. Once you show your child how to fold a piece of paper into a wedge of eight sections and where to cut, your children will cut through paper for hours to make these snowflake creations.
  7. Pinecone Christmas tree. Help your child glue beads, sequins and glitter to a pinecone to create your own pinecone tree ornament.
  8. Chenille stem candy cane. Alternately slide red then white beads onto a chenille stem until it is completely covered in beads. Bend the ends slightly so the beads do not fall off, then bend the chenille stem into the shape of a candy cane.
  9. Reindeer antlers. Trace your child's hands on brown paper, then glue both antler cutouts to a paper band to slide onto your child's head.
  10. Hand wreath. Trace your child's hands onto a piece of green construction paper. Trace the print and cut out 10 more hands. Glue them onto a plate in a circle and let your child add their own red dots for a decorative poinsettia wreath.
  11. Glitter ball. Take a foam ball and let your child roll it in glue and glitter. Glue on some sequins for added sparkle.
  12. Bake some cookies. Let your child help you mix up some tasty treats.
Remember to pour the praise on your children, and place their creations in a prominent place in your home. Your children will not only gain a sense of confidence, they will have a chance to spend some time with you.

And remember to always make sure your crafts are age appropriate, and be sure to keep small objects away from small hands.

Mac McAdams is the owner of and writes frequently on Christmas crafts and traditions.


An Easy wreath craft for Christmas

by Mac McAdams

This craft will get your children excited, because it involves a lot of cutting and a lot of gluing, and the end result is worthy of the finest refrigerators

  1. Take a paper plate and cut the middle out of it, so it is now the shape of your wreath.
  2. Provide your child some green construction paper, a child's glue stick and some age appropriate scissors.
  3. Your child should then proceed to cut out leaf like shapes and glue them all about the periphery of the wreath until you can no longer see the paper plate
  4. Now for the berries, glue in clusters of three, either red pony beads or red dots of construction paper
  5. Glue on a red ribbon at the bottom for an added touch
  6. Now add a string so they can be proudly displayed on your tree, your doors, or your favorite refrigerator
  7. Make sure to join in the fun. Crafting brings families together.

    Mac McAdams is the owner of and writes frequently on everything from Christmas wreath crafts to Christmas crafts and traditions.

    Craft Yourself a Wonderful Christmas

    by Mac McAdams

    Most people wait until the New Year to make resolutions and incorporate a focus into their lives and their family. This year make one commitment early, during Christmas. Make a commitment to be intentional with your family and create traditions that will carry over into the new year and the rest of your lives.

    Our family makes an effort to achieve this through crafts. We are able to pull ourselves away from the commercial and hurried aspects of Christmas, and put our focus on the heart of this Christian holiday, namely the birth of Jesus. Through crafts we also are able to carve time out from the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

    Here are three easy crafts that can help you start a new family tradition this year.

    1. Bake and decorate a cake with your children this year. Christmas is Jesus' birthday and nothing emphasizes this to your children like a birthday cake. Let your children decorate it with icing and sprinkles, and then sing happy birthday to Jesus. What a wonderful and fun way to show your children the importance of Christmas.
    2. Help your children create Christmas cards for your friends and family. Your children will love the time together with you, and will equally enjoy creating something for those special people in their lives.
    3. Make an ornament for your tree. An ornament craft will not only allow you to spend precious time with your children, you will create something that helps you and your children to remember that special time every year as you place the ornaments on the tree.

    These easy Christmas crafts will become cherished traditions in your family and point your children to the true meaning of this Christian holiday.

    Mac McAdams writes frequently on Christmas traditions and operates, a place for free Christmas craft ideas.

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